Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Twin Time...

On a Saturday in December... Dad took JUST ME to the car wash... while we were gone - mom did a little Christmas photo shoot with Matty and Addie.... Here's Addie in her Owl outfit mom made her checking out the tree.

Must have been a pretty cool horn she was looking at... Matty Moo had to check it out too!

Mom and I made sure that we put all the baby safe and super fun ornaments in reach... we knew they would love to look at all of them.

Like this airplane... This airplane is one of the ornaments that our dad got when he was only SIX years old... it is one of our favorites to look at.

Both mom and dad grew up each getting a new ornament each year. It was something that was special to what they liked or what they did that year... when they grew up and got married, they got to take their ornaments to their new home... mom and dad now do this with us too!

One of Matty's favorites is this gum ball machine... he likes to shake, shake, shake it!

Looks like he even discovered Santa's sleigh and wanted to test drive it!

Hey! WAIT A MINUTE~ that is MY Hummer!!! Now I know what they do with my stuff while I am gone.... looks like they made it into a Hummer built for two!

Sissy wrapped up her photo shoot checking out the potty training book Auntie Ally sent! Mom said soon after the New Year... we would work on them wearing BIG BOY's like me... wait a minute.... I think Addie's gunna need something else.

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