Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas at Nana & Papa's

Now, this is the way to start Christmas!!!! As soon as we got to Nana and Papa's house we had special presents to open from our friends Linda, John and Alaina! We were so excited to rip into them!

And then we played with the cool etch a sketch books until dinner was ready! My book showed you step by step how to draw Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater! My dad is a really, really good drawer and showed me how to do it!

Sissy's princess book showed her how to draw her ABC's ... and as you can tell by this look... she was NOT letting go of the pen to let anyone show her how to do it... mom calls her Lil Miss Independent!

Matty and I are more alike I guess... he was soooo excited to have dad help him draw his Toy Story guys.

After dinner and a BIG surprise all the kids had for Nana and Papa... we opened presents... Dad got these cool Bongos and a stand but Sissy thought they were for her!

She even let dad show her how to do it! We couldn't pull her away from them for a very long time! She would open a present... toss it aside and head back to the drums! I think mom is a little worried that we have another drummer in the family!

Ummmmmm, sissy.... I hate to tell you but they are NOT yours!

This was the ONLY pic mom could get of her favorite four... and after the craziness of opening she realized that she didn't get any pics of the rest of the family either! Maybe next year!

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