Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning...

This is the site we came down to on Christmas morning!!!! Man were we excited to see what was in all those packages! But I was also wondering where our stockings went...

Ahhhhh! They were all filled and on our couch! Looks like mine was filled all the way to the top!

Matty Moo figured out mom's system really quick... if you look close in the bottom right hand of the picture - you can see that mom made picture tags... this way I was able to help pass out gifts!

But, who wants to pass out gifts when the ONLY thing I wanted (Firetruck Mater) I got!!!

Matty Moo was pretty excited about his new toothbrush that was in his stocking.... we are gunna need to brush our teeth after all the fruit snacks and chocolate we got!

Here's Moo Moo digging into a gift! He got a really cool ABC thing.... Matty LOVES to sing his ABC song.

I could hear sissy making some noise - so I had to check out what she got! Addie got a Little Einsteins Piano! This girl loves AND kind of instrument!

Here I am between my Stunt Mater track and my Rocky the talking Dump Truck! This was a great Christmas... I still can't believe that WE get gifts on Jesus' birthday... I don't think I would be as nice as to share my birthday with every one.

Looks like mom and dad will have their hands full for a while... they've got a LOT of paper to clean up and it looks like a fight they need to break up... as for me... well, I have a ton of playing to do!

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