Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dance Party!!!!

WHOOOOO in the world is dancing over at our house?!?

Look at this clue.... who could be wearing all these tutus?

Did you figure it out? There are three dancers over here... we are having ourselves a GREAT dance party!

One more chance.... can you guess who's twirling and spinning and jumping and singing?

Yup! You guessed it.... it's ALL of the Egglets! Sissy LOVES to wear anything "princess" and loves to dance to the music on mom's ipod.... Matty and I decided that it looked like so much fun that we snuck into her tutu stash and put on some ourselves... it looks pretty ridiculous... but boy it's a TON of fun!

We heard a loud noise in our backyard - so we stopped to investigate.... it was just dad mowing the lawn and blowing the leaves... man is he going to be SHOCKED when he sees all of us in tutus!

Sissy thinks it's pretty funny to see her brothers in her girlie tutus! But ever since she tries to get us to wear them all the time.... Mom said she doesn't care... she figures that when we are older she will use these pictures to get us to do WHATEVER she wants!

Matty spun and spun until he couldn't stand up any longer!

And when the dancing got old .... we took out the strollers and grocery cart and played CRASH into each other.... they may be girl toys but Matty and I have learned how to toughen them up by running and crashing into things... sometimes we even make ramps and jump the strollers off them!

Sissy got so tired she eventually sat in the corner and played by herself... a rare quiet moment for our sissy girl...

Pretty soon Matty Moo was getting tired too... he joined sissy and gave her some good ole fashioned brotherly love!

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