Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Third Annual Zoo Lights Trip

Sissy didn't remember getting all bundled up last year to look at Christmas Lights at the Phoenix Zoo and it looks like she is a little unsure of what we are about to do...

But Matty Moo has his crackers and is ALL ready to enjoy the show! Of course it was the COLDEST night of the season thus far... it was 42 degrees at 6pm! That is COLD for AZ... we had layers and layers of clothes on!

Matt and Addie got to ride on their very first carousal ride! Matt wasn't too happy that he had to sit on the seat reserved for girls.... but Addie LOVED riding on the Princess sleigh...

Big guys like me get to ride on the TALL rides! I picked the shark... it's one of my favorites!

After walking around and having a great time for almost 2 hours... we piled back in the truck and had a little snack.... it was a great night! Now, every time we leave the house at night ... Matty and Addie ask if we can see Christmas lights with dad!

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