Thursday, January 7, 2010


I know.... that is a BIG word for a guy my size.... but Addie's doctor decided that she needed to see a special lung doctor to see if we could find out why she has such a hard time with her lungs... technically they are calling it reactive airway disease...but they are trying to find out why it is so hard on her...
So sissy has a new doctor... Dr "C". He's really nice and has a really nice office with TONS of stickers... sissy even gets to pick out a treasure from a real treasure chest when she leaves.... she ALWAYS gives the prize to me...which I think is pretty you can tell sissy is busy even in a doctor's appointment... she takes after mom and like to rearrange things to make the room look pretty.

After a long appointment with lots of tests... sissy and her sassy boots and shirt full of stickers were ready to leave... good news... no allergies.... now if we could just keep her breathing easy!

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