Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Years Day...

You know it's gunna be a good year AND a good trip to the zoo when the very first thing you do on New Year's is ride a carousal! Gram, Belle Belle, Auntie Whit, Papa, Libby and I all took a spin... Adventurous Addie decided that she likes to stay on steady ground... so she stayed back with the parents....

Matty Moo (who is afraid of elevators AND being on the second floor of a shopping mall) LOVED it! We were all a little shocked!

Our zoo has a new dragon exhibit! It is super cool... Belle Belle made fast friends with this dragon....

This is "Hollywood" ... aka Libby.... she rocked the zoo in Super Star style!

And THIS is Reba! She's a funny, furry girl who loves to dance back and forth... I just love to visit Reba!

A little sister love! Belle Belle and Libby were in Phoenix for a whole 3 weeks... but sickness kept us apart more than we wanted!

The older three with the Gram....

Sissy bug and Matty Moo... they get jipped and have to view the zoo from the stroller.... there just isn't enough of us to keep up with them!

There was an Ostrich that was going CRAZY..... All the animals stopped to watch her temper tantrum... she must have learned some of it from our own Matty Moo!

I loved Libby's jacket... she's like a pink Elmo!

Here's Jay... he was lazy on this visit... the last couple of times he's been up in a tree!

WOW! These animals are super cool!

Yes, I am quite a ladies man.... I just hope when I grow up that I will be "in" with the ladies who are NOT in my family!

Matty Moo finally busted out of the stroller... he had a BLAST hangin with dad!

Sissy broke free too - but she likes to have her puppy "leash" on her... it's the only way mom can ever let us all out of the stroller at one time!

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C. Beth said...

Somehow I didn't know you were a blogger!(Saw the link on FB.) Your family is beautiful. :)

The Abram Family said...

Lisa you take the best pictures! This makes me want to go to the zoo. Thanks for keepimg me posted!