Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's Crackin'

Special thanks to Miss Amy who named this post... she was teasing my mom about Addie's saggy swim suit! Seems like Addie can't keep a bikini on when it gets wet!

We can't get enough of our sprinklers! We begged and begged mom to let us go outside after our nap yesterday for some more summer fun... she caved pretty quick! We had great shade and got to play until dinner!

Yuck, I hate it when I get grass in my mouth!

Sissy can be such a ham! Sometimes we call her Madonna because she has teeth like her... mom says not to tease Addie too much now - that the Dr told our mom that the space is usually a good sign that she won't have to have braces! Mom says wait until she teases us about being metal mouths!

Our Auntie Whit always asks my mom if she curls our lashes... check out Moo's lashes....

And Addie's lashes... looks like the twins do have something in common after all.

Well, I need to run - it is hard work trying to catch the water... I need to focus!

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