Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day...

Ironically, this is the ONLY picture we have with our dad on Father's Day... maybe we need to start a new tradition next year where we ALL get a picture with the one we are honoring! Sorry dad...but this IS a nice shot of my boots!

On Saturday, we went over to our Nana and Papa's house for a BBQ! Here is Auntie Wendy and my sissy.

While we waited for the dessert part (the best part) we hung out in our playroom... Sissy discovered the letter books and decided that "F" was her Favorite!!! Hard to see but my sissy threw a fit and wanted to wear her boots too! She likes to be just like me! I taught her that when you put them on - you go STOMP, STOMP to make sure your feet are in good!

Matty and Addie playing side by side! They are the BEST of friends...

Sissy was waiting patiently for dessert... she waited and waited and waited for what seemed like FOREVER.

Here I am with my Papa~ My mom says he is the BEST dad... not so sure... I think MY dad is the BEST!

On Sunday we went over to my Gram and Papa's house. Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Janis were there too! Matty Moo and I were trying to get out to our Papa who was grilling GIANT steaks!

Here's Gram with Sissy! She is a busy girl... but looks like Gram caught her long enough to get a picture of her.... Gram took some pictures with Papa and Dad... Dad says HE has the BEST dad... WOW - looks like our family has lots of GREAT dads... I think that is because they learned from the VERY BEST dad ever - God!!!

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