Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Another fun play day at our house! The bucket was the fun item of the day! We love to toss out all the stuffies and crawl in our bucket or put it on our head or spin each other around in it... sometimes it is hard to share it though!

Who do you think is hiding under the bucket this time?

It's sissy bug! It is her favorite thing to do!

See - when it is someone else's turn - D-R-A-M-A! Mom says to get used to it... this is life with a sister!

Sometimes I have to stake my ground and make sure the twins know WHO IS BOSS... yup - you guessed it - MOM! After she snapped this pic I got into trouble... there is no lying with evidence like this.

Sissy is getting all girlie on us and likes to play with our hair... except notice how vain she is? She is combing his hair with a mirror - in which she is checking herself out! What a girl!

Sorry Addie - I didn't mean to call you vain! Just kidding... sissy - you are the best!

Sissy got tired of all the ribbing she was getting from us boys and started to play with her school bus all by herself. She likes to load the people in and out while singing "Wheels on bus, wheels on bus".

Mom loves it when sissy tries to load TONS of little people into her arms at one time. Did you notice that we were in our swim suits? We were going to go for a run in my new sprinkler ball but sissy had an asthma attack... we wanted to wear our suits anyways. Mom even let me wear mine in the tub tonight... she said it got me clean and my trunks clean at the same time... maybe she is starting to lighten up!

Matty Moo seems to think I am crazy!!! I love to run and jump on him while he is on our BIG blocks... I think he wishes that I would give him a little more warning.

Peek-a-Boo! My shorts got some applesauce on them - so I had to resort to my "big boys" for a while... good thing swim trunks dry fast.

Finally a HAPPY moment from sissy! She likes her new little bikini. Dad says to enjoy it because it will probably be her LAST!

We played so long and so hard - we all started to creep into our own corners of the playroom to play quietly.

OK - you caught me - maybe I did just rest my eyes for a moment or two!

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