Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye May, Hello June!

There is no better way to usher out a month than by playing with dad! We had a really fun weekend - mostly because we got to play lots with dad AND go to the pool with him!

Matty Moo was so excited his hair stood straight UP in the air! Moo Moo - looks like you already need another hair cut!

He tried and tried to get his hair to lay down but not even standing on his head could make it lay flat!

Sissy found my rat and was giving him some love... she was pretty sad when mom made her give it back!

Flying high in the sky is one of our favorite things to do with dad! Look how high I am - rat got to come up for this ride too!

Sissy is SO light that dad has to hang onto her! She can fly really, really, really high!

Matty Moo loves to fly too!

We love our dad SO much... when we grow up we want to be JUST like him!

A little tickle party... I had escaped for the moment... but dad caught me again later!

Matty Moo loves to take a break and snuggle in dad's lap! He is the total baby of the family!

Sissy loves to run over and give dad kisses in between playing... she may be busy but she is a REAL love bug!

Sissy decided that she wanted to go for a stroller ride... but sissy - that stroller is for your dolls!

Yup, I knew it! I just knew that she would get stuck in it! We had to help her pull it off!

Matty and I dumped all our stuffies out of our bucket... we like to take turns sitting in it. If I am not careful - Moo can dump me over. Then I hide under the bucket while he and sissy drum on the top. I pop out and roar at them - they scream every time

Dad let us both get in together and spun us around... it sure is fun just hanging out at home! Hope your May was as great as ours! Hope your June is even better!

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