Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cleanin Up After Pool Time!

Now that I am all cleaned up - I need some of dad's smelly stuff! I can't wait until I am as old as Wyatt and Dawson - they don't have to sneak their dad's cuz they have their own!

There is something in my comb... there we go - all good.

I can't find Mr. Potato's hair so his extra eyes will have to do... I comb them and pretend that it is hair!

There you go, I got all the dirt out of your ears - now you look like a real Spud!

Whoa! Mom! How long have YOU been there? I'm not doing anything wrong, I promise....

I love to get ready JUST LIKE MY DAD!

Matt and Addie got tubbies too even though they didn't get to play in the pool. Moo LOVES to brush his teeth all by himself but throws the BIGGEST fit when mom takes over!

OH NO! Looks like Matty Moo is NUDE on my parent's bed... DON'T PEE PEE Moo!

Now he is trying to escape! Don't worry mom - I've got him!

Phew! I caught him... Um, mom - a little help now!

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