Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What A Weekend!

Phew! What a weekend we ALL had! I think Nana and Gram and Papa will be recovering for a while! Mom and Dad got some time off which meant that Nana was on duty with the twins and I got to spend the weekend at Gram and Papa's house... Now, I don't have pics from the weekend yet - but will post them once I get them...

Mom and dad had a ton of fun - but it is back into the normal routine for all of us - which means Matty moo is back to climbing into his bins (and falling over in them!) Matty Moo is talking up a storm now and LOVES to sing E-I-E-I-OOOOOOOOOOOOOO over and over and over and over.... Man, I missed this little guy this weekend.

I love to make this necklace and pretend that I am in Hawaii... I am sure mom and dad like to pretend they are there too!

I missed my sissy SOOOO much! I can not get enough hugs from her! She is hard to catch and really doesn't like to cuddle with me. She LOVES to cuddle with my mom though. Addie is talking more and more everyday. I love to teach her new words AND I love to sing with her. She loves to sing songs!

Matty Moo was trying to sneak off in one corner of our playroom... we both love this firetruck and sometimes even fight over it!

Matt also discovered the light switch while I was gone! He turns it on and off, over and over and over. Dad says that I used to do the same thing at his age but that the twins would get upset because I would turn off the light and leave them in the dark. When I was 20 months old like they are - the babies were already 5 months old!

We like to have dance parties with mom's ipod! We dance and dance and when it runs out of music - we wait just like sissy is here for more music to come on! I LOVE my mom's ipod. I always ask her if she had it with us when we get into the car! Sometimes I make her go back in to get it if she forgets.

See, told you we both love this firetruck... now it is my turn to hide in the corner to play Moo Moo free for a few minutes.

Lastly, I wanted to show you that my lizard is back! This one is Pete. You can tell because he has a blue belly! Pete is getting really big and sometimes he scares my mom when she is outside. Penny is back too but we haven't gotten a picture of her yet this summer. They have a new friend who is black and yellow that I named Billy. He isn't around as much as Penny and Pete - we haven't fed Billy yet like we do with Penny and Pete. So now I have one dog, one fish and two lizards! I am trying to talk my mom into a bunny... think I have dad convinced but my mom is harder.

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