Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So Far This Week...

Do you notice anything different about Addie? If you said her hair looks different - you are RIGHT!

Addie's hair is FINALLY long enough for pigtails in the normal spot instead of on top of her head! Mom has been cutting the back of her hair for a long time cuz she had a mullet and mom wanted the sides to have a chance to catch up! Mom is SO excited about her new hair do - but I really don't see what the big deal is!

Julian and Auntie Penny came over yesterday and brought me super cool gifts for my birthday! Can you believe it - this was the ONLY picture my mom got! She was busy with the babies... but Julian put together the new bubble blower and we played outside for a long time. Mom laughed at me all afternoon because after they left I kept asking where my friend Julian went.

Matty Moo is same as always - a happy little guy...

Addie has been having a hard time with her breathing lately and yesterday mom had to take her to the Dr's. The Dr's said that she has something called asthma and has to have lots of these weird breathing treatments all the time... I feel bad for her cuz she really doesn't like them at all - but I shared my memory cards with her and she loves to sort them while she gets her treatment.

She even got the hang of it for a little while but then decided she was done and started to cry... she was so sad.

When she gets sad like this - I like to try to make her have a happy heart and give her kisses - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...
It always works on mom though!

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Nicole said...

What a sweet big brother! Breathing treatments are no fun...its so great she has such a special big brother to help her through them. Way to go Noah!