Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sprinklers and Surprises...

My Auntie Penny and Uncle Bill gave me this AWESOME sprinkler ball for my birthday! My mom borrowed my Nana's octagon and hooked it to the one we already had and let us go WILD! We are a little old for play yards but our yard is HUGE and sometimes Matt and Addie like to run in opposite directions and it drives our mom mad... so she gives us a limited area to run around in...

As you can tell, it doesn't bother us one bit! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to play in water.

Sissy can't get enough water and apparently can't have enough bathing suits either... Thanks to Maddie - she has one for every different water sport! Matty and I like this one better - we think the bikini's are a little too revealing!

Man, this is the life - but where are the Popsicles?

Auntie Penny and Uncle Bill also gave us a bubble machine that makes a zillion bubbles at one time! It is the coolest! I think it is fun to catch the bubble on my hands! If you are really still they don't pop.

My mom thinks we just need to hook this ball up to a cow since we go through about 6 gallons of milk a week... she thinks it would save her a lot of trips to the store and lots of time washing the sippy cups... I think that would be silly... plus, how would we be able to add chocolate when we fill our sticker charts from being good?

Bubbles, bubbles EVERY WHERE... We sure are getting good use of the gallon of bubble juice I got for my birthday too!

Looks like Matty Moo was in a trance from all the bubbles... Mom would find out later that he had something else in the works...

Here I am catching the bubbles on my nose! It tickles when they pop!

DISCLAIMER... the next photo is NOT pretty...

So, it is always crazy for mom to get three wet, tired and not so happy kids out of the fun in the sun and back in the house. She strips us one by one and gets us in the house... when she started to pull Moo Moo's suit off - this dropped out and she SCREAMED really loud... I thought she had seen a spider again - but NO... looks like Matty Moo had made her a little surprise! Mom was a good sport - she got him all cleaned up and disposed of the badly squished poopie... Man, we keep her on her toes!

But, just look at this face - no one can stay mad at him long! Come on over and play in our sprinklers any time! You might want to bring some sunscreen though - we hit 115 today!

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Melissa Stone said...

Oh my gosh!! Can we just talk about the fact that you posted a picture of your sons poop on the internet?! Hilarious! I sure do miss you!