Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sharing My Pool...

Mom felt bad that Matt and Addie missed out on all the fun in the new pool yesterday. So this morning after breakfast - he got us all changed and slathered up for some pool time fun! Matt and Addie had to wait in the holding tank until the pool was ready!

I didn't think my pool could get any more fun - but I was wrong - having them with me was AWESOME!

Sissy is a scoop hog though - she loves to take all the scoops!

I taught Matty and Addie how to do my happy feet splash dance! They loved it!

WOW! Popsicles before lunch? This is the life! As you can see Addie and I get the whole concept but Moo Moo holds his upside down!

I tried to help him but he must have thought I was going to take it away from him.

Wait a minute - this tastes funny! Opps - looks like I switched with Moo!

Oh well! This one is just as good AND it looks like Matty just isn't going to get it! Mom said this was fun but she may wait until dad gets home to do it again - it was a little hard to get 3 wet and crabby babies back inside! We would just dart back out the door - none of us wanted to come in!

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