Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potty Training 101 - 3rd and FINAL Edition

OK... day two of the three day plan and we still have smiles and NO tears... (I really mean that mom isn't crying yet...)

Actually - we all got into this training thing.... I was a little jealous that they didn't have to get dressed AND they get stickers to put on their sticker charts EVERY time they try! So, mom made me my own chart too and I go tin on the action! Not sure if you can tell but Princess Addie has boycotted "girlie" undies and will ONLY wear the boy kind... mom says she's the girliest tom-boy she's ever met!

Pretty soon she ditched the shirt to "wear a tummy" like Matty Moo and I... Mom said on Day 3 - we all have to start wearing clothes again.

Day two went off with only 2 accidents by ONE Egglet... I am not going to rat HIM out... I don't want to embarrass HIM by telling everyone that HE was the only one to have accidents.... Our Gram even came over for a visit in the afternoon and they didn't have ANY accidents while she was here.... On day 3 - mom even broke the rules of the 3 day plan and took up all grocery shopping.... when we got home - she said she was SUPER happy that she never had to ask for "clean-up on isle 5!" I think mom RAN through the store - she didn't want to be gone longer than an hour... and they did it NO ACCIDENTS!

On day mom told them they had to get dressed! Sissy INSISTED on wearing her new Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini that our friend Chellis surprised her with! She was a little modest at first... or maybe she wasn't used to clothes...

But pretty soon she was all about her yellow "kini"... Dad says enjoy them now because pretty soon there will be a NO BIKINI rule that Matty Moo and I are going to enforce!

Day three was a DRY ZONE around here... Mom thinks the Twinkies have it... which means that since I just said that they are gunna have a bad pretty soon! Mom was sure enough that the tarp has even come down! Brave woman huh?

Sissy couldn't stop at the bikini.... she had to add the crown too it too.... when mom said she looked like Princess Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) sissy said...."NOOOOOOO! I Miss Merica" Great - so now she thinks she's gunna be a beauty queen.... I've seen that show Toddlers and Tierras.... and can promise you that is NOT happening!

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Rhea said...

Can I just say I am beyond jealous of you. I am still in diaper changing hell and J is three. There have been so many changes around my house. I sure hope he gets it soon because I am about to cry because I am so over the diapers.