Monday, May 3, 2010

Easter - Two

When we got home from Easter dinner at Nana's and Papa's - Mom and Dad had another egg hunt in our backyard! We were cheating and peeking to see where the eggs were hidden... man, the Easter Bunny looks JUST LIKE OUR DAD! Weird...

Mom gave each of us a new sand bucket and shovel and opened the door... I went straight for the ones in the bushes... I left the low ones for the twins!

Matty Moo was so over the egg hunt... he brought out a ton of cars and just played with them instead... I think he realized that while we did get not one but TWO egg hunts... there was NO CANDY in them like we heard...

Sissy was really good at scooping them up and dumping them in her bucket... she's a serious worker!

Of course mom had to turn the whole thing into a "photo shoot"... I decided to give her a "money shot" so that she'd leave me alone!

Yup... we were jipped Matty Moo... there's NO CANDY in any of them... we need to have a SERIOUS talk with our parents before next year... there is supposed to be candy and chocolate in these things! We hope you had an awesome Easter... we sure did!

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