Monday, May 3, 2010

Cold Spring Days!

Usually in April - we are well into the 90's but NOT this year! We had some days that were more like our winter days... which meant rain and cold wind... which means being locked inside all day... We decided to make the best of it and mom of course took out the camera! Here's Matty Moo and Addie Mae playing with their zoo animals in the big chair.... I think they had their rain boots on hoping mom would let us play in the rain!

Moo got tired of the chair AND the zoo animals so he traded them for the top of the picnic table and a couple of hot wheels.... Looks like he needs a little practice putting his shoes on the right feet though!

Pretty soon Sissy was up on the table with them and they were having a blast singing songs... in this one they were singing "Itsy, Bitsy, Spider"... but Matt had to do the movements with one arm cuz he won't ever put his cars down!

Pretty soon mom convinced me to join in the fun so that she could get a picture of all three of us at the same time... she kept telling us to smile but then told us not to be goofy.... sheesh... make up your mind... do you want us to smile or not?

We finally gave her this one... so she let us off the hook....

We totally thought she'd put the camera down or we NEVER would have been so lovey! Now she knows we can be sweet with each other... we've blown our own cover! Sissy bug is my special girl... I just LOVE my sissy!

Actually, Matt's not too bad either... we like the same things - which means we kinda fight over toys sometimes... but he's the BEST brother!

Sissy definitely knows that she is cherished by BOTH her BIG brother (me) and her little bro - Matty Moo.... And you can tell in this pic that she is REALLY cherished!

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