Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potty Training 101 - Second Edition

Yup! You read that right... after a week off AND a new game plan - Mom was ready to tackle BOTH twins in the Potty Training... Mom has a blog "friend" who had quads who did this 3 Day Potty Training Plan... that WORKED with all FOUR of her kiddos in 3 days! Mom was impressed so she checked it out... armed with LOTS of undies, Clorox wipes AND a tarp... she cleared our calendar and made a game plan...

I was pretty excited about this tarp thing... it's not in the "plan" but since the Steece's used it - mom thought it would be PERFECT for our rug... and I pretty sure mom was glad she had it... a couple of times!

Monday morning... DAY ONE... the twinkies were really excited to be in undies that look JUST LIKE MINE.... Day one was a little rough for mom. Matty Moo thinks it's so fun to go potty that he does LOTS of baulking!

Matty Moo was pretty excited but as you can see - he brought out his rat - which he usually only sleeps with... I think he was a little sad about having to grow up!

"Tah Duh" Success AGAIN! Sissy got it really fast... but she did have that day last week where she'd practiced....

At the end of the day - as you can see - the undies had all changed.. we had a total of FOUR accidents the WHOLE day... let's just say if we were keeping score - Matt would have won - by 2... but remember this was his first day EVER! Mom was pretty impressed and ready to head into day two.

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