Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Potty Time OR Fashion Show... YOU Decide!

Can you tell our mom was gearing up... choosing her battles and getting her game face on? She was ARMED with LOADS of undies, 100's of stickers and a chart...

And Sissy Bug had NO CLUE what was planned for the day! Matty Moo and Sissy have been asking to go potty for weeks... sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Mom realized she's low on diapers and decided today that she didn't want to plunk down another $80 bucks for a month's worth of diapers... which means she has less than a week to get the job done... not once but TWICE!

It started off with the ole "Sit and Wait"... mom didn't even bring in the books and stuff like last time. She thinks then you just have to break a bad and nasty habit of keeping toys out of the dirtiest room in the house... (she's s germaphob - remember)... we'll see how long it lasts! Mom is HARD core. Sit for a few.... get off ... sanitize.... drink a TON.... eat a salty snack... set the timer for 10 mins... repeat, REPEAT, R E P E A T!

Sissy was pretty excited and even wanted to show off the VERY BAD bangs that she gave herself yesterday with safety scissors.... they don't cut paper but work GREAT on hair! Mom tried to even it out some - but you can tell the shortest part is where she cut... mom said if she went up that high she'd forever be called "Dumb and Dumber"... I didn't get that - mom said I wasn't allow to watch that movie yet but someday I would understand.

Yup, looks like Sissy is the first to join my "underpants" club... Matty Moo is jealous - Mom said he gets his chance tomorrow!

Matty tried his hardest to flash those HUGE brown eyes - but mom said ONE at a time and since Sissy is the oldest - she was first!

About round three - with still NO success - Sissy decided that the bunny ears would help out... and this started the fashion show.

No luck again... restart the cycle.... She wanted SO badly to go in and play but mom said NO undies... NO playing!

She's a stubborn TOUGH cookie... and compromised with mom... OR did mom compromise with her... she ditched the shirt for the undies... She said she wanted to wear a tummy like me! (And for the record - I don't go around in my skives.... mom was trying to show Addie that I wear "Big Boys" and DON'T pee in them....)

Round.... hmmmm... maybe 8 at this point with STILL NO PEE! This time she was sporting my snowboarding hat... It has a Mohawk and she thinks she's a lion in it!

Round 10... yup... rain boots... mom only wishes we needed them... STILL NO PEE... in the potty OR on the floor! S T U B O R N! (I think she gets it from mom - but I will NEVER admit I just said that!)

Round 15... and mom said no success this round and she's giving up for the day. That brought a HUGE smile to sissy's face! She was winning the battle... but I have a feeling mom is gunna win the WAR.

Wait a minute... wait a minute... sissy - what did you just hear? Nope... no pee pee - just a poopie... well, that's better than nothing!

And look how proud she is of herself! After 3 and a half hours - I am happy to report NO pee pee accidents BUT NO success in the potty... Mom gave up for the day and put her in a diaper... within minutes... you guessed it... she filled that sucker up! Mom said it wasn't a complete loss... at least we know she knows how to hold it! Matty Moo then BEGGED to try... climbed up and YUP you guessed it.... S U C C E S S! His BIG day is tomorrow... mom is trying to just get one of them to get it and then will conquer the other... I pulled them both aside and just told them to give in and do it mom's way. She can out wait them... I know - been there done that!

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K-Mama said...

YOU are amazing, Lees...LOVE the pics, the story and your tenacity to potty train before 3! :)