Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Bit of This...

And a little bit of that! Do you remember me? I'm Noah Boy. It's been a little crazy around our house and it's been hard to nail my mom down long enough to use her computer!

You couldn't have possibly forgotten this kid ... could you? Yup, Matty Moo's gettin really big, really quick.... and I have to say he is quite the camera hog.... he LOVES to have mom take his pic... momma's boy!

And then there's our WILD girl... Addie Mae has to be pinned down and tickled to get her pic! She is a ball of fire still and is doing so much better now that the weather is over 100! She hardly has any asthma problems at all in the summer and that means WAY less treatments and a VERY happy sissy!

This is my best buddy Zac. Zac used to live right next door to me. He's a lot older and has a really cool truck. I used to keep tabs on him and let mom know when he came home really late (after dark). Zac is a SUPER cool baseball player and went to the OTHER SIDE of the United States to play summer ball. Mom said after that he's heading to another state over there to go to college. It's kinda sad BUT when he makes it to the major leagues - mom said no matter where he plays - she'll take me to watch him play.

It's been pretty hot - so we have been doing lots of singing and playing in our playroom.... Silly sissy loves to sit on our table and sing made up songs that make NO sense at all!

Here's Matty Moo pouring on the charm to mom... it's kinda disgusting to watch but it usually gets us all whatever he wants - so now we have him ask for the "no" stuff like Oreos, and candy!

A rare pic of Thing 1 and Thing 2! They are ALMOST 3!

Since I am 4 now, I like to play in my room all by myself. Mom helps me set up really big and cool train sets. If I play in my room - the twinkies can't ruin it!

Yet another RARE photo of ALL the kids actually LOOKING at the camera! The only one you can't see is baby Cameron.... she's not really here yet. Well, she is but she's still hiding out in Merry's belly (weird... I know!) She must be shy. Mom says she is coming really soon - in August.... I can't wait - that means BIRTHDAY CAKE and since she won't have teeth - I will have to eat hers!

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