Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And NOW I'm F O U R!

Yup! That's right! I finally turned 4! And, it was the "BEST birthday EVER!"

Mom let me pick out a theme for my little birthday party... of course I chose NASCAR! So we had racing flags and race cars all over the place! Mom also let me pick the treats - which were cake, suckers, m&m's and cheese-it's! Doesn't that sound like the perfect menu? Dad also ran out and got bagels... guess the old people can't handle all that sugar (well, except for our cousin Merry - she can hang with us!)

Here's a picture of my cake! It was soooooo yummy!

Check out what my parents rented for my special day! Yup! A bounce castle! The guy we rented it from let us keep it all day AND all night! It was HUGE! I think it would have been super fun to jump onto it from the upstairs balcony.... like that would EVER happen!

Mom was armed with her camera - even when she's chillin with the girls - she's always ready to catch a shot! Next year our cousin Cameron will be here too!!! She's gunna be here before we know it!

Here I go - about to head nt and BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE!

Matty Moo wasn't too sure of the whole thing at first - it took a little coaxing and even a little push from behind to get him in the bouncer.... but once he got in - he loved it!

Hey.... does anyone else want to come in here with us?

Our Nana wasn't scared... She came in and hung out! Looks like she was caught relaxing with the twins a bit.

Here's our cousin Kaleigh and Matty Moo... those two are inseparable! I heard Kaleigh was so excited for my party that she changed several times before settling on her ballerina top.... she's a diva like my sis! That's Andrew my older cousin in the background... he's a pro at bouncing... Our almost 16 year old cousin Bri even came in!

Yup! Mom got in a ton too... in fact, I think mom was in it just as much as I was! I'm not sure if it was for me or for her!

Dad had the BEST idea of bringing in balls and playing dodge jump! It was awesome... here's Matty Moo saying "YESSSSSSS!" after he tagged sissy! (ahem... well, maybe it was me he tagged but it's my blog and my birthday so we're gunna change up the story some)

This whole thing was right up Addie's sleeve! She is a WILD woman and you all know she has endless energy! Well, I think we've finally found something that wore her out!

Here's Kaleigh taking a swing break from the bouncer! She's really good at big girl swings!

GUESS who's in the bouncer now?

Yup! It's dad! After everyone left and all the mess was cleaned up - we all got back in the jumper! We had a blast bouncing and playing ball! Dad is fun to be in here with - when he bounces - it makes us bounce REALLY high!

We all started to get a little tired... so we went back inside for some lunch and so the twins could nap. The babies slept for over 2 hours... Mom let me stay up and play with some of my new birthday toys... after a while though - she and I snuck outside and bounced some more! When the babies woke up - they joined us again until it was time for dinner!
I had LOTS of special phone calls... but it was hard to focus on them with the bouncer! So, I let the queen of phone talking talk some for me... Sissy is ALWAYS up for talking on the phone! She was talking to Julian in this picture... sometimes it's hard to get her to get off!
All this bouncing was making us SUPER tired! We had to take a little break.
Pretty soon mom and dad told us that it was time to go to dinner.... they took me to Toys R Us to pick out my very own scooter and then let me pick where we were going to eat... I picked Red Lobster... actually I don't even like Red Lobster BUT they let us pet the live lobsters - so we love to go there... I fell asleep during dinner! I was sooooo tired from all the jumping... But when we got home - I was wide awake again and YOU GUESSED IT... I was ready to bounce some more. Mom and dad put the twins to bed and the 3 of us went out and jumped until 10PM!
Mom says she can't believe that God sent me to them four years ago! She always gets all sentimental on our birthdays! Must be a mom thing!
Thanks so much to everyone who made my birthday so special! Mom got TONS of facebook messages for me which made me feel pretty cool!

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Jenny said...

Can I have a invitations to the next party!! It looks like you all had a BLAST!!!

Kate said...

Cute post - looks like you guys had a great time!