Thursday, May 20, 2010

Special Mail and Bird Houses...

We all seemed to catch that weird stomach bug on Mother's Day... and since we obey our mom - we totally shared it too! Our Great Nana in NC felt bad that we were all down and out - so she mailed EACH of us our VERY OWN get well card! Mom got one too... and Dad got a "hope you don't get it card" but it was about a day too late...

We ALL got all of our stickers for the week for doing what is right and having happy hearts - so mom took us for a car picnic AND we got to each pick out a bird house to paint! Sissy and I wanted Taco Bell as our treat and Matty Moo wanted McDonald's ... SO... we had Taco Bell tacos AND french fries! We thought it was SOOOOO funny to have BOTH! After we got our food we drove to our favorite spot and watched the Jets take off while we ate.... Then off to get bird houses!

Matty Moo picked out... YUP... a barn! And red paint. Red is his FAVORITE color!

I picked out this really cool rocket bird house... I think it's the coolest bird house in our garden!

And... OF COURSE our resident Princess picked out a castle! She HAD to have the shimmer purple paint because our cousin Kaleigh had the same paint on some new frames in her room!

We had tons of fun painting our bird houses and we even got to stay up late finishing them up!

Matty Moo was trying to stay up even later by "needing" another bath... but Mom has washable paint that comes off with a baby wipe..... Good try Moo!

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