Monday, May 3, 2010

Easter - One

On Easter Sunday, after church, we went to our Nana and Papa's house for Easter dinner... and an Easter egg hunt! As soon as the back door opened - I was off... I was determined to get as many eggs as I could find!

Matty Moo was all dressed up in his tie for Easter... and his new dino vans! Man, this kid has style! He was a little more laid back about the egg hunt... just like he is with everything else.
There were eggs EVERYWHERE! Even on our play set and slide!

Sissy may look super sweet in this pic... but don't let that fool you - she is one CRAZY egg hunter... she is FAST and SMART and is awesome at spotting the hard ones! She had sooooo many eggs in her basket!

But, she's a little too trusting! Why would you EVER leave your basket alone to get more.... Mom always says don't put all your eggs in one basket... so I helped Sissy spread some of hers into my basket!

Matty Moo was more about his favorite few than in getting massive amounts... sweet... that just means MORE for me! (He broke his nose the day before.... but it didn't seem to bother him!)

All in all this Egglet Egg Hunt was Eggcellent!

After the hunt we hung out for a long time outside with our Great Aunt ZiZi and Great Uncle George! They live here and in Hawaii! Mom thinks that next year an egg hunt on the beach sounds PERFECT!

Sissy was so excited about one egg in particular... it had play-doh in it! It was the prized egg! Mom is a little embarrassed by Sissy's shoes... this girl is a SHOE FREAK and it is VERY hard to sway her from her shoe choice... she had some Easter white shoes to go with her outfit... but mom says that some battles aren't worth even engaging in... so sissy wore the black shoes... at least it wasn't her rain boots this time!

Before we left sissy hung out with Papa... taking stock of all her eggs... We had a blast and little did we know - there would be yet another egg hunt when we got home!

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