Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Zoo Trip of the Year!

I know, we can hardly believe that it has taken mom this long to get us to the zoo this year... I mean we are members and can go whenever we want... but today the weather was perfect and Nana didn't have any quilting classes until late in the day - so it worked out PERFECT! It has been really nice weather too - we have been playing outside and taking tons of walks! Mom even walks us up to Lowe's and Target now just to change things up!

We weren't at the zoo long when we saw the most coolest thing in the WHOLE WORLD!~

Do you see it? Look up in that tree... can you tell what it is? A bird?!? NO... look closer...

It is Jay - our very own Phoenix Zoo tiger! It was the coolest thing ever to see him climb way high up in the tree... he hung out for a few minutes and then just came down in four big jumps! I never knew that tigers liked to hang out in the tops of trees!

As usual, Addie and Matty were more into their snacks than in the animals... focus people!

We finally made it to my favorite spot - Harmony Farm! This time I climbed right up on the John Deere tractor. This farming thing is a piece of cake!

Look at me - I am a pro! I can drive a tractor with one hand!

After making sure the fields were plowed - we checked out the horse that likes to nibble on mom's shoulder and then I went to check on the goats... they were a little shy today - they didn't even try to eat my shirt this time... we didn't get to stay inside long because we could hear sissy screaming! Mom didn't let her come in - and she was MAD.

At lunch we sat near the carousel and I begged mom to let me ride it. I wanted to ride a Lion but got to ride the Jaguar instead... it was SO cool.

Matty Moo kept knocking sissy's Cheerios out of her bowl. He thought it was funny and would laugh and laugh - but sissy did NOT think it was funny. Sometimes she can be so dramatic... so mom made us switch strollers... that's cool - I love to hang with my "mini me!" Mom and dad always say it was a good thing Matty and I weren't the twins - they might have mixed us up!

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