Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays!

Addie has a new talent - she can read! OK - maybe she's can't REALLY read - but she likes to pretend... she gibbers and then turns the page.

BUT, she is always on the move - so she never finishes the book in the same place that she starts reading it... that means Matty Moo and I have to follow her all over the place just to see the pictures!

Sometimes she reads by the window....

And sometimes on the step...

And she is always proud of herself when she finishes a story!
Mom told me at breakfast that we were going to go see Kee Kee at Canyon today... we also had some stuff for Huntington... I just wanted to go bye bye and all the babies wanted to do was play!

Matt was on the run from a last minute diaper change before leaving... sometimes he is hard to catch.

Then he felt like he needed to read a book before we left... I just wanted to get in the truck and leave.

Oh come on Sissy! Let's go! Finally we made it up to Canyon. It was fun cuz mom misses all her friends and they all play with us! Mr. Joe and Pastor Mik have lots of baseballs in their office! Ant and I played and played with them. I even got to play on the air hockey table too!

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