Friday, February 6, 2009

Corporate Wellness...

As you can tell by this picture - we all got sick. Addie has the croup and Matty and I just have a bad cold. Addie even lost her voice - it was kinda nice not to have her yapping in our ear all the time!We can tell mom misses work when we are sick... she makes a spreadsheet for our medicine and our breathing treatments... she drives us crazy with all her sorting and labeling most of the time but it's nice when we are sick - no need to have to sit still for more breathing treatments than we have to! Mom says that having 3 sick at one time brings a whole new appreciation for corporate wellness.

I am pretty good at this breathing treatment thing. Mom lets me pick a show and I do it on my own. The twins are NOT good at it at all... Addie just wiggles and squirms and Matt - well, he screams his head off....

We all have our own mask and mom wrote our name on them. I can pick out my name on my own!

This is the aftermath from the twins treatments! The medicine that Addie is on can cause hyper activity .... I didn't understand that until after her first one - man, she is climbing the walls.

Day two wasn't any better for the twins - they just aren't into this at all! I get to go first and then Addie and then Matt... they didn't have a clue that they were going to get it next!

I could be wrong - but I think we all got sick because we were so heart broken over the Superbowl!!! We still love the Cardinals though!

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