Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing in the Dirt at Nana's

Matty Moo and Addie have been pretty sick lately. Nothing serious - just ears and a little RSV (Addie) but it meant A LOT of doctor's visits and mom doesn't like me to go because she says she never knows what I will pick up while I am there. So, off to Nana's house I go. I never get to be with my Nana by myself - so we planned a fun afternoon! (Mom thinks I look just like dad in this picture!)

We got out my favorite garage and my cars and took them OUTSIDE! What could be better - cars, garages and DIRT! My cars like to ride on the dirt roads I make them under the plants and then they drive "home".

My cars go really fast down the curvy ramp!

When mom came back to get me - I didn't want to leave... I wanted to stay and find all the cars I had hidden under the leaves! Matty and Addie are doing much better now - so looks like I have to share Nana and Papa again! Bummer....

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