Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Papa's Birthday!

It's my Papa's Birthday and I knew JUST what to make him!

Mom took me to JoAnn's and I picked out a really cool birdhouse! My Papa spends lots of time outside in his garage and he has a giant tree next to it.... I wanted him to have a birdhouse in his tree!

I painted and painted and painted... I got to pick out my own paint colors and I choose blue and yellow.... Mom kept quizzing me about the colors I was using ... when I answered green - she said, "Noah.... you don't have any green paint. What color are you painting...." So, I answered green again. Mom laughed and then looked to see what color I was painting... and that is when she saw I was right! I mixed the blue and the yellow and it made GREEN!

Sissy and Matty were not allow to paint. They weren't even allowed in the same room... Sissy took this as the perfect time to play with my John Deere Tractor!

Moo Moo was just his cute self - playing and laughing while I painted! Next year mom told them that she would let them paint too!

Since we had all been sick - we didn't get to eat with Papa ... but mom drove us over to his house and I surprised him with his very own birdhouse!

Matty and Addie didn't even get to come in the house - they had to wait in the car because they were still coughing....(this was Feb 12th - I am catching up)... I know Papa LOVED his present... he hung it up and I already got to see it in the tree!

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