Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rough Housing...

We have been home a lot more lately and playing in our favorite room! This was right before going to bed one night... it is TOUGH for mom to catch us and get us dressed!

Mom got Addie stripped but couldn't keep her pinned down long enough to get her PJ's on! So mom gave up and grabbed the camera. Addie and I love to play with these big blocks together.... Clare and Kade sent them to us and we love them! We make ramps and then I drive my cars down them.

Hey! Stop her! She has my car... Addie always does this... she waits until it gets to the bottom of the ramp and then grabs my car and runs away! It makes me SO mad!

I have to chase her to get my car back... Matt was scared by all the loud noise and was trying to get away before a scrap breaks out.

Mom made sissy give me back my car - and she was mad... she wanted to go into the garage and tell dad to make mom be nice.

Here she comes again! Sissys can be such little pests... (don't tell her but I kinda like it!)

Great! Looks like she went and got Moo Moo - they really know how to gang up on me!

I got tired of them messing with my stuff and I accidentally pushed Matt.... unfortunately, mom not only saw me push him - she caught it on film... there is no escaping evidence like this!

I bought myself a stay in time out... Matt came over to rub it in that I got in trouble and that makes me even MORE mad!

Great! MOM! Make them leave me alone. Can't I sit in time out in peace?

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