Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We woke up on Valentine's Day to really cool balloons, new stuffies and a surprise from Gram and Papa...

Addie and Matt were exited to see what was in the bag - just like I was!

Here's Addie loving on her new elephant... Mom said she and dad picked this out for her because it had blue eyes just like she does!

Matt Moo got a giraffe... They looked for a cow - but thought a giraffe was perfect since Moo is quiet just like they are! I got a lion! Think it is because I am the top of the toy chain around here!

I was SO excited over this firetruck puzzle that I kept giving mom a goofy smile! Is there anything better than firetrucks?

Here's my new puzzle almost complete!

Matty Moo's shirt was perfect for the day - you can't see it - but it says "Burnin Hunk of Love!"

We had the best Valentine's day! We spent the rest of the day playing... Dad came back from golf with a TON of really pretty flowers for mom. Then Miss Kacie came over to our house and mom and dad went to eat at Los Dos... Mom says it is FIRE hot and we aren't allowed to eat there yet. I think that was just an excuse... I got the feeling that they didn't want us to come! Rude.

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