Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Can you believe that this lake is right near our house? Not kidding... It's a private lake that we like to visit often... mom says we need to look like we live here .... cuz we don't!

We come because their ducks are super hungry! Seriously - whenever we go they follow us all around and beg us for our scraps!

It's fun to head out here on cool days... it's kinda windy off the lake so I had to wear my jacket from my best friend Colton and my lucky hat. I love this hat so much that sometimes I sleep with it!

Matty Moo loves the lake but on this trip mom said we were walking around the WHOLE thing. I don't know what he was worried about - he's in the stroller... but hey - I was booted out of the stroller when I was 16 months old - so I was up for the challenge.

Mom didn't know that it was over a mile walk... so we stopped and took breaks every so often! I think I could have done the whole thing but mom was worried that my legs were getting tired!

I had fun playing and running in the leaves, chasing birds and just being silly! I love to come here ... it's one of my new favorite spots.

Taking long walks with my family is lots of fun. And, Sissy loves it when I hold her hand!

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Jenny said...

That place looks so peaceful!!!