Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Fun...

Sissy.... why in the WORLD are you putting on your gloves? Oh yah! It's winter...

Our sissy LOVES to play dress up.... gloves, hats, tutu's, hair bows, shoes.... you name it... if it is around she is putting it on!

So there really wasn't any special reason for the petticoat, hat and gloves.... she just felt like being a snow princess today!

And she would NEVER forget her rocker shoes! This girl is the definition of girlie girl.... Mom said in college people used to say she was a girlie girl... just because she's not a fan of getting dirty AND loved to wear high shoes to school.... so it looks like Addie may turn out like our mom.

Matty Moo and I just sit back and watch. Sometimes it looks like so much fun that we join her too!

I'm not sure what these two are up to... but... looks like they are either telling secrets or planning an attack...

Puzzle time is always entertaining around here... Matty Moo likes to show you where all the pieces go like we can't figure it out on our own! You'd think he was the big brother!

Sometimes even when you do look this cute.... you still have to go in time out! As you can tell, Addie's not too happy about this.

Bet you were wondering where I was at! I build totally cool forts and usually chill by myself. The Twinkies think it's really fun to knock them over to find me... which usually makes me pretty mad. But, I am learning just to rebuild them.

It's been pretty cold and rainy around here which means LOTS of time inside which can get pretty boring.... Mom has been changing it up by coming up with lots of art projects to keep us busy! We made a GIANT wall poster!

Matty is always more interested in finding matching crayons instead of coloring.... but it's kinda nice when you are looking for a certain color.... Moo usually has them all!

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