Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Yup, you read that right... it's like Spring is already here and we are playing outside EVERY day for hours!
The babies have mastered the slides and LOVE to go down them!

Matty Moo is just like his big brother and NEVER goes anywhere without his cars! Hey wait a minute - I think he has one of MY cars!

We are even getting better at the swings... Matty likes to go SUPER high!

Sissy and I love to search for the "pretty princess" rocks... she has a collection in a bucket. They are white and kinda clear like diamonds! When I find them - I show them to her and she says yes or no and then we add them to her collection. She is kinda picky! (I think she just likes to be in control!)

We've been practicing our game we called Soccer Bat... and are getting pretty good!

Looks like this bunt just might get me to first. I forget to drop the bat and take it with me to the base.

Matty Moo is our serious little dude! He keeps us smiling all the time. He recently decided that he is a big boy like me and likes to pee pee in the potty... not all the time, but he will tell mom when he needs to go... sissy's not sure she is ready yet... Mom said Potty Boot Camp will be coming in the Spring! Matty Moo also always gives fun names to things.. Like he calls our Papa... Gram's Papa... (we have Nana and Papa and Gram and Papa - guess he just wants to make sure that we know which Papa he is talking about). He LOVES to talk on the phone and will ask to call his favorite people all the time! Mom tries to get him to use our play phones but he is NOT dumb and makes her get the real one!

Sissy is getting really good at dribbling the ball across the field. Mom said I get to play soccer on a real team soon but I think Addie thought she meant that she got to. Daisy likes to try to steal the ball... Those girls LOVE to play ball together.

We would LOVE to have you come and play in the Egglet Park (in our backyard)! Mom still isn't that comfortable with real parks since we GREATLY outnumber her! Let us know when you can come play!

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