Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This One is for YOU Miss Annette...

The last part of January has been amazing! It's been cool enough to wear long sleeves but warm enough to play outside for hours... I have been practicing baseball.... and it looks like by this miss that I need to practice some more!

Sissy is our mom's multitasking dream child.... play soccer with a bat and you've played two sports at once! Sissy doesn't care what the sport is.... she's in!

Nothing like a little friendly game of tug of war over our favorite cozy coupe....

Poor Matty Moo.... looks like I WON!
Matt's also a BIG fan of playing ball.... check out Daisy's ball mid throw!

Looks like Matty just likes to play tug of war with anyone who is involved in playing with our cozy coupe! Sissy doesn't even really like to play with this car... she just likes to keep things interesting by making us a little jealous!

Miss Annette.... we wish you all still lived next door... Sissy is needing some instruction on how to use a big girl swing and we are sure that your crew could have taught her how to do it! You really, really, really need to leave that cold, miserable weather and come back to AZ!

Looks like we have a little traffic jam on the slide! This bumper to bumper pile up must be what it's like for our dad who has the world's longest commute!

Well, even though I was a little "behind" on my January pics.... I am just about caught up! I have some more fun outside pics.... and then on to February.... the month of LOVE... (ewww... gross!)

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Rhea said...

Absolutely amazing pics Lees! J has the same T ball set, but our grass isn't nearly as green! Can you believe how big your kids are. WOWSA! Time totally flies. xo