Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sissy Learns to "Big Girl" Swing!!!

"Ummmm, excuse me Matt but are you going to be long... I really, really, really want to swing!" Our sissy bug loves to swing... but Matty Moo didn't want to get off.... mom said she needed to be patient and wait her turn!

She got tired of waiting and decided to give my swing a try. She started getting a little mad... mom said she would not push her until she figured out on her own how to hold on and sway back and forth.

"hmmmmmm, how DO I do this? What do you mean pump my legs back and forth AND still hold on at the same time.... this is complicated!"

After a few tumbles on her tush... she started to get the hang of it.... and as you can see was SUPER proud of herself!

Lean forward....

And back.... forward and back....

LOOK who's swinging by herself!!!

Matty decided that he did NOT want to be in the "baby" swing...

And sissy wasn't too sure she was ready to let him have a turn on the swing... after all he didn't let her swing on his swing... that's how this whole adventure started!

I don't think we have to worry too much about sharing the big kid swing with Matt... he's got a LONG way to go!

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