Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gold Kisses

On Wednesdays our mom has Bible Study ... Addie still can't go cuz of her Asthma...but Matty Moo and I get to go. Addie gets some girlie time with Nana. Today after a LONG nap - mom moved our picnic table into the family room and let us eat Goldfish and Milk while we watched my new favorite movie - The Fox and the Hound...

We were all pretty excited about being allowed to eat a snack at our table for the first time... so we were toasting to the occasion!

mmmmmmm.... as you can tell we were WAY more into our snack than into getting our picture taken!

Matty sure did miss sissy today. It's the first time Matty ever went somewhere like this without her! He cried the WHOLE was to Bible Study... but as soon as we got there - he was fine. BUT, when we got back in the truck - he said, "We go get Sissy!"...

In fact, I missed her too! We couldn't give our sissy enough kisses... she got tired and crawled out under the table! Mom says we have to be careful or we are going to create a spoiled Princess!

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C. Beth said...

That is SO cute. I love watching my kids become friends!