Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zoo, Zoo and More Zoo

Another Zoo trip! This time with our cousin Kaleigh and some new friends.... J and B! Here we are hangin out making fun of monkey hineys! They really should put on some shorts!

Here's our little Kaleigh... although she's not really a "baby" like we call her! Pretty soon - she's gunna be the BIG kid of her family!

Here J was looking for the cheetah... we couldn't find him anywhere!

Here's B.... she's a ball of fire just like Addie! We have to make sure these tough girls don't gang up on us older brothers.... they are liable to overtake us!

J and I found this really cool sprinkler pole... we had a blast playing in the water!

We were trying to get B all wet... looks like she was onto our plan!

Here's Reba! She was busy trying to get the treats hidden in the barrel... she can lift that thing like it's a barrel of feathers....

Here's the crazy 6 of us at lunch time! I am not sure what Addie was doing but Kaleigh doesn't look like she approves!

And don't B and Matty look like an old married couple arguing about how long they should stay at the zoo?

After lunch it was time to SLIDE,


S L I D E ! ! !

Kaleigh knows how to do the slide right! She gets a swinging start... she may be younger but she can hang with the big kids!

Ahhhhhh! Cousins! Kaleigh and Addie love each other....

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