Thursday, April 29, 2010

April is THE Month for Zoo Trips!

Yup! Another zoo trip... this time with our Nana and cousin Andrew! This was just a pit stop in our day... a little potty break and SUCKERS!

This is my ONLY boy cousin! Drew and I are great friends!

Here are the twinkies with their "glam" look! They both LOVE to wear sunglasses... Sissy actually lost hers so I let her wear my FAVORITE pair~

This little guy was all by himself out in the middle of the big lake... He didn't seem to mind - he was just catching some rays.

We have a new dragon at our zoo... and this is the face he makes... I LOVE the new dragon.

As you can tell, after about 5 hours at the zoo... the twins were getting very tired.... We all do the same thing when we get tired... we all put our hands behind our head.

Harmony Farm has some new play areas and some new horses to ride!

Do you know what I am doing with my head in this cone?

Yah! I am talking to this kid! They have hidden tunnels underground that connect these things... when you talk into them - the other person can hear you like you are right next to them.. sooooo cool! I wish we had one of these from my room to my twinkies room.... it would be fun to talk and sing all night!

Sissy likes to ride the cow in Harmony Farm... it looks JUST like the cows from our Fisher Price Farm play set!

We wrapped up the day by hanging out with the horses... we almost had to take this one home... He loved Andrew AND Andrew loved him... if we had room in our truck I am sure he would have come with us!

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You could get a bunny and feed it to the snake... just kidden!