Monday, April 19, 2010

Some New Things...

On Saturday mornings we do this new thing call Bountiful Baskets.... it's a co-op - whatever that is... anyways... you don't know what you're gunna get - but you show up at the pick-up site and get your fruits and veggies.... This was the first week... we had so much fun checking out what we got!

And this was the second week! We love to check out our surprises and even eat them for lunch and dinner! You should check this out if you live in the area!

And, here are our new AMAZING signs that Miss Jessa from Bella Inspired made for Addie and Matt's room... mom has called Matt and Addie Thing One and Thing Two since they were tiny little guys! So now, it's official and on their walls! And as you can tell - the polka dots are done... and make the perfect backdrop for the Dr. Seuss theme!

Here's Moo Magoo's sign... they both just LOVE their signs!

And here are our new art display boards.... we actually made them! Mom drew the letters and let us help her paint them in.... then we got to sip our hand in paint to make our own hand prints! We display the cool things we make at church and for art here at home..... March has been a month of new things!

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