Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Easter Fair

We went to the BEST Easter fair EVER! Our mom's friend Kathy Cole invited us to her church for the fun... and I am sooooo glad we went!

Addie and I bounced and bounced and bounced and bounced on the bounce castle.... it was so much fun. Matty Moo wasn't too sure of the whole bounce thing - so he sat out....

But once we got to the petting zoo - he was ALL over it! Check out his shoes.... there was NO rain in sight... but the twins love to wear their rain boots all the time!

Sissy LOVED the geese... She just thought they were the cutest things ever... looks like the goat here isn't too sure of Addie.

I was all about the bunnies... I have been begging mom to get us one EVERY day since... I don't think she's budging though.

YES! That is a S N A K E and that is Addie touching it! We all (mom included) LOVED the snakes! I think it will be easier to get mom to get us a snake than a bunny!

And this is the most disgusting thing EVER... yes, this is a hissing cockroach... and YES Addie held it.... mom was so grossed out she made her put it down.

Of course this is was the highlight of my day.... I got to talk to the firemen and then they put on their lights for me as they drove away.... someday maybe I will be driving one of those!

Dad surprised us and came up before his golf game... I have the BEST dad ever.

We loved the animals so much - we decided to skip the egg hunt and have all the animals to ourselves... mom said that she rarely gets a pic of all three of us together and even though this is just our back sides... she'll take it!

Right before we left - dad took me on this HUGE blow up slide! Can you see me all the way at the top? This was the perfect day... I can't wait to show you our Easter pics...

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