Friday, April 9, 2010

A Visit from Aunt Rita

Our Aunt Rita was in town and that meant .... YUP! Another trip to the train park! Except this time we got to do WAY more than when we are with just mom.... she's too outnumbered when it's us against her!

Don't let Matty Moo's face fool you - he LOVES the carousal ride! It's sissy who isn't too sure about it.... she talks the talk but when it comes to the big scary stuff - she really is a sissy!

Here's Moo and Papa checking out the park area while dad took me in to see the miniature train sets that really run!

Sissy looks like she's at the beach. She's really just in the playground area. She LOVES to play in any kind of dirt, sand or mud!

Matty Moo decided to tackle the chain wall.... can he do it?

Looks like he surprised himself by scaling the chain wall! He did it over and over and over again with only a little help from dad.

Sissy and her swings.... she LOVES to fly high!

I promise Gram, Mom and I were there too.... I was just too quick for the camera - I was having too much fun exploring to stand sit enough for a picture... Gram was too busy keeping up with me and well mom - she's ALWAYS behind the camera - so it's rare to see proof of her!

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C. Beth said...

They are so adorable, Lisa. :)