Thursday, April 16, 2009


My new favorite word is tay~stee! I love to eat Oreos and announce that they are TAY~STEE! We were having a fun and lazy day - a little playing outside and then a TAY~STEE snack. Mom thought we were being silly and cute - so she took some pics!
Not sure if you can see the goose egg on Matty Moo's head. He fell and bumped heads with sissy! He got the bigger of the bruises!

Sissy claimed that she didn't know where my other Oreo went... clearly she couldn't see that she was wearing the evidence on her face!

Silly girl... she's even a cutie with chocolate all over her face!

Addie and I like to scream and squeal! Whenever we start Moo Moo always plugs his ears - we keep telling him to give it up and try it with us - but he is the quiet one of the bunch!

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