Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Day of Play

Hello! It's me again - we have been having a ton of fun just hanging out and playing.

Sometimes when we have somewhere to go in the afternoon - mom lets us run around with little on! She says it is her way of going green and saving water! Addie doesn't mind - she loves to play and sit in her chair with clothes or without them!

Nude babies make me laugh!

Yikes! Maybe I shouldn't laugh at them - they gang up on me! MOM!!!!

Just hanging around -

Let the wrestling begin!

Silly Moo Moo could not leave the camera alone! He loves to make it flash!

Sissy can be pretty silly when she wants to be too! I like to call her sissy bug because of her hair!

Well, it looks like all three of us aren't camera shy!

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