Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here fishey, fishey!

So, mom and dad thought it was time to get rid of our paci's... none of us were too excited about the idea. Since I am the oldest, mom and dad told me that if I gave up my paci - I could pick out something special. It didn't take me long - I decided I would trade my paci for a fish...
The VERY first time I went to bed without my paci - I was sad. But, I made it through the night and haven't looked back. Matty and Addie gave their paci's up without a fight too! So, mom and dad took me to PetSmart and I got to pick out not one but TWO fish!

See - the one close to the bottom is Diego and the one above him is Lisa. (Mom was surprised at the name too!)

We picked out rocks, a turtle and a plant. I love them SO much. Mom says I am obsessed!

Here is a picture of my fishies... I eat with them, watch TV with them and even line my cars up all around their bowl to watch them swim!
*Note... don't be too sad - but these fishies don't live with us anymore. I think I was a little rough with them - so mom had to flush them. Dad brought me home a new fishy - it's name is Diego Two. It is a Beta and dad says they are more sturdy than goldfish!

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