Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt & Addie

Mom, Dad and I did some decorating cuz the twins turned TWO!!! We drew on the windows and hung the signs and streamers... Mom and I baked cupcakes and wrapped the presents....

Addie and Moo Moo seemed a little confused.... "What's all the fuss about?"

"A party for me? And Sissy too?"

Sissy was excited - just another reason to dress up and dance!

Mom even got some flowers for her birthday that made the place even more festive!

mmmmmm... don't you wish you could sink your teeth into these? Homemade vanilla cupcakes with Swiss butter cream frosting.

There was a LOT of finger licking... sissy discovered that she is JUST like mom and really only likes the frosting!

Matty Moo was trying to be polite BUT soon enough he was devouring his cupcake.

It kinda stinks that mom, Matty and Addie all got presents cuz it was their birthday - but then again I am glad I don't have to share my birthday with them... I already have to share ALL my toys!

Even Bri was excited about the cupcakes... she may be OLD and in high school now - but she is still a kid a heart!

I helped out with the gifts... someone has to play referee... AND... I felt it was my big brother duty to test them out to make sure they were safe before giving them to the babies.

We wrapped up the day hanging out and playing. Matty Moo LOVES his cousin Bri! Poor Drew wasn't able to come and celebrate because he got sick... I talked to him on the phone and was relieved that he wasn't oinking... with all this talk about the swine flu I wanted to be sure he was OK... and he was - just a little cold! The only piggie in our family so far is little Matty Moo!

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