Thursday, October 1, 2009


Our Nana just got back from a birthday trip to Hawaii! She taught us that Aloha means hello, goodbye, and I love you.... guess Hawaii's NOT an island of many words! No wonder why our dad loves it there so much! Nana brought us all back some Hawaiian outfits... Sissy can't seem to take hers off....

Here's our little Hawaiian girl playing ball with Daisy in our backyard....

And practicing her soccer skills... Cousin Merry - ever thought about coaching us someday?

She was having so much fun running around - we couldn't get her to come back in the house! We are all enjoying the cool 90 degree weather.... it's downright COLD out here!

When mom told her to dance the hula - she was a little confused...

But caught on quick - and now LOVES to dance the hula... I am sure our dad is going to be as happy about that as he is with the length of this shirt!

After all that dancing and running around - Sissy decided to calm down by coloring with me on my new chalk board... she's pretty good at the coloring too!


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Linda Abram said...

Wow what a doll!!! Your kids are so amazing!!! Just like their mom and dad! :)