Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colton JEEP Tours....

Sorry Sedona but your Pink JEEP Tours have nothing on the Colton Jeep Tours! Another first on my Sedona trip... riding in a JEEP without any parents!!!
Colton wanted to show me around his hometown - JEEP style... I have to say - he is a VERY serious driver... there was one small incident involving a plant with some purple flowers - but it will grow back!
Since I am too little to drive - Colton had me blow the train horn to warn everyone we were coming... it might not be as cool as driving but equally as important I'm sure.

Colton is normally camera shy - but when it comes to showing off his ride - he is one proud dude!
He even let me take a turn! Mom rolled her eyes cuz it reminded her of all the pics she has seen of dad and his 424 buddies in high school... my hair is MUCH cooler though!

After we rode around a while on the JEEP - we pulled out the firetruck and gave it a spin... I was just checking to make sure we had all our equipment in case there was a fire!

I am NOT kidding - this is Colton's backyard! It's almost hard to play when you have this to look at... well, maybe not hard to play - but it sure makes playing more fun!
Auntie Ally caught this picture of a Buck who comes to graze on their plants each night... I want a Buck too!!!!

There's something about Sedona that always just makes me smile!

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