Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Road Trip...Sedona

My mom and dad decided to load the Egglets up and head up north for some cooler weather and great friends! While we were there a BIG storm called a hurricane decided to hit the Gulf of Mexico which meant lots and lots of thunderstorms for us! I was SOOOO excited to see all this rain - mom let me skip a much needed nap to puddle jump!

There was only one problem... we don't own umbrellas OR rain boots! Good thing Auntie Ally has EVERYTHING you would ever need for rainy weather! Colton let me use his rain boots and even gave me this super cool yellow jacket!

I grabbed my favorite rat and my race car and started jumping! Check out the height on this jump!

All that jumping made me really tired... so I took a break and sat on the Castle wall....

Mom stripped me down to take me inside - but I escaped and jumped in the water the way a TRUE Phoenician does... with bare feet and NO jacket... (honestly it was still in the 90's - the jacket and boots were all for "cute" rain photos! - my mom is CRAZY!)

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